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Hello, I'm the Captain
Twitter Tumblrby niewiadoma
Time travelling starship captain.

Set phasers to stunning, beam aboard, get your bow tie on and geronimo!
actors, animation, art, baking, bass, beds, big barda, billy and teddy, bitching, biting, blondes, bobo, boobs, books, brain guy, cambot, camera, cartoons, catcher in the rye, cats, charlie chaplin, cinema, clayton forrester, clothes, coffee, colouring pencils, colours, comedians, comics, cooking, crow t. robot, crying about robins, crying over donna noble, cupcakes, dana scully, danish, darkwing duck, dc, denmark, doctor who, donna noble, drawing, duck hunt, facts, fanfiction, fashion, fiction, films, final fantasy, flower picking, food, fox mulder, fuckery, games, gaming, geek, geekery, gillian anderson, green day, guitar, gypsy, haircolours, han solo, hats, hikaru sulu, homosexuals, ida maria, insanity, james t. kirk, jason todd, joel robinson, kaleidoscope, legend of zelda, leonard 'bones' mccoy, leopard print, lesbians, lightsabers, link, lots of toys, magic things, marvel, mike nelson, mobiles, montgomery 'scotty' scott, movies, mst3, muffin, mystery science theatre 3000, nailpolish, naked people, ninento entertainment system, norway, norwegian, nyota uhura, paint, pandas, pavel chekov, pearl forrester, permanent markers, photography, piercings, plastic man, poetry, power rangers, princess leia, ramones, reading, red heads, run-dmc, sarek and amanda, shoes, singing, slash, slush, space husbands, space invaders, spock, star trek, star wars, strippers, tattoos, tea, television, the beatles, the clash, the rolling stones, things, tight jeans, tom servo, toys, tribbles, tv's frank, ukulele, unfashionable, vhs, video games, vinyl, vivi, walks, wall-e, writing, x-files, young avengers, zelda, zombies